Our studio space was designed and created by us, four photographers. It is one of the most versatile shooting spaces in the city of Chicago, made for every type of photographer. If you'd like to book a session in the studio or see the space in person, feel free to reach out through our contact tab!



  • 12 ft. Diffusion curtains over the windows.

  • 12ft x 16ft reflective curtain for even light.

  • 200 sq. ft. shooting space // 900 sq. ft. whole studio.

  • 9 ft Photo Paper (Savage #20 Black, Savage #27 Thunder Gray, Savage #01 Super White, custom color orders available upon request).

  • 2 Impact VSD 160's, 24" x 31" softbox, + 28" foldable beauty dish.

  • Mid-Century style furniture.


  • 200 ft. Studio Rental : $75/hr. with no minimum time limit.

  • 900 ft. Studio Rental (whole studio) : starting at $150/hr. or $900 flat fee per 8-hour day.